Trust Administration

Trust Administration

What happens after my loved one, who has a trust, dies?

Trust Administration services are available to help a surviving spouse or successor trustee take care of the post-death administration of a Trust and make the distributions as streamlined and effortless as possible. It is the processing of winding up the affairs of the decedent. Services include legal advice and assistance with gathering the assets, satisfying creditors, filing appropriate tax returns, and then distributing the remaining assets.

Property Assignments

How do I put my property into my trust that was drafted a couple of years ago?

You can transfer your assets to your trust with property assignments (it is also known as trust funding). If you complete your trust with Shawna Murray Law, your property assignments will be taken care of. However, you may have a need for this service after your trust was initially funded because you have acquired new property. Assets of significant value that are left out of the trust generally must be probated. If you need help with newly acquired property. You can contact me a few different ways on the right side of this page.

Filing Heggstad Petitions

Does the Successor Trustee ever need to go to probate court?

Sometimes. Occasionally a decedent will have created a Trust but for various reasons not all of their assets have been put into their trust (this is called “funding”) because the property assignments were not completed. Without proper funding, the assets not in the trust may need to be probated (e.g., real estate). In such cases, a “Heggstad Petition” can be filed with the court, requesting the court to allow the property to be assigned to the trust instead of having to probate that asset.

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I am devoted to making estate planning as accessible, efficient and personalized as possible. This way individuals and families are motivated to express their estate planning goals and loved ones do not have to deal with the disastrous fallout from a lack of planning.

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