Special Needs Trusts

Leaving an inheritance outright to a person with a disability who is also eligible for SSI and Medi-Cal can be a disaster to the beneficiary. An outright gift may disqualify the person from needs-based public benefits.


A parent who does not plan and whose disabled child stands to inherit even relatively small amounts of money can also end up disqualified from needs-based benefits.

Your Legacy Can Provide Protection and Support

Special Needs Trusts are designed to supplement and enrich the lives of people with disabilities and special needs who receive government assistance, such as SSI for permanent disabilities and Medi-Cal for health care coverage.  It is designed to improve the beneficiary's quality of life without disqualifying him/her from the government programs.


The Special Needs Trust is designed to prevent isolation, abuse, and neglect of your loved one with special needs. With careful planning and use of a Special Needs Trusts, family members can ensure their loved one has resources beyond the public benefits. The money left in these trusts can provide for the “special needs” of the beneficiaries.


Here are some examples of what the Special Needs Trust can do for the beneficiary of the trust:


  • Enhance lifestyle by providing additional services and items that make the life for your loved one more enjoyable.

  • Preserve public benefits that provide for lifetime medical care and financial assistance.

  • Provide a team of advocates for long-term protection of your loved one.

  • Improve health care quality with health insurance coverage separate from traditional public benefits.

  • Enhance the quality of life by providing funds for social and recreational activities.

  • Provide lifetime financial support and a safe living environment.

  • Help with job training and finding employment.

  • Preserve assets for other family members when the special needs beneficiary passes away.