A Responsive Law Firm

Shawna Murray is dedicated to being a responsive lawyer. I am committed to making the legal system affordable, accessible, and accountable to clients. 

Clients' Bill of Rights


  • Responsiveness - You have the right to a responsive attorney who is focused on serving you. I will return your calls, respond to your letters, answer your questions, and address your concerns promptly. 


  • Participation - You have the right to be present at all meetings and court appearances related to your matter unless a court orders otherwise. 

  • Deference - You have the right to have your goals respected by me, including whether to settle. You will always have the final decision on whether to settle.


  • Confidentiality - You have the right to confidentiality from your me (whether or not you hire me) - both during and after the engagement. 


  • Information Access - You have the right to copies of all materials provided to me or prepared by me for your case, during and after the representation. 


  • Dismissal - You have the right to dismiss me for any reason at any time and to hire a new lawyer or go it alone. 

  • Representation Agreement - The right to receive a written engagement agreement outlining the scope and objectives of the representation, the likelihood of success, and the risks involved. 


  • Fee Agreement - You have the right to have a written fee agreement describing how fees and expenses will be computed, as well as the terms of payment. 


  • Itemized Bills - You have the right to receive itemized bills on a regular basis describing the specific tasks performed if you are being billed by the hour.  You will also get the name and title of the person who performed them, and the hourly rate and time spent by each person on each task.  ​​​​


  • Lawyer Background - You have the right to be informed of the education, training, and relevant experience that each lawyer working on your case has. ​

Adopted from The Responsive Law Clients' Bill of Rights which was developed by Justia.com.