Lower Cost Alternatives

Document Preparation

Considering the do-it-yourself method? If you need court documents prepared for your case but do not feel like reading law books, going to a law library, or waiting in long "self-help" lines at the courthouse, there is an alternative. I can be your legal coach.

You can have an attorney prepare your court documents for you and provide you with legal advice but not represent you in court. In some of California's summary probate procedures, you may only need to appear in court once and sometimes, not at all. Well, that is assuming you have prepared the documents correctly. 

Limited Scope Representation

Have you prepared your own documents and realized that you are not ready to appear in court to represent yourself?

If you would like an attorney to represent you in a single hearing, we can arrange for Limited Scope Representation. You just pay for the day, rather than full representation.

If your budget restraints prevent you from seeking the help of an attorney, perhaps my lower costs alternatives will be suitable for you.


The alternatives are certainly better than doing-it-yourself or hiring a paralegal who cannot give you legal advice.

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