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Shawna Murray Law

A Client-Centered Law Practice

Shawna Murray Law focuses on providing client-centered estate planning and probate services to residents of Southern California. I offer personalized and meaningful solutions that are focused on each client's unique circumstances and needs. Above all, it is my goal is to provide clients with peace of mind and outstanding service.

Offering Meaningful Legal Solutions

Shawna Murray Law offers estate planning services to accomplish many meaningful legal solutions. This is a list of some of the solutions available:

  • Protect your surviving spouse and your children's inheritance
  • Designate guardians for children
  • Provide instructions for your medical care during a time of incapacity and at the end of life 
  • Keep control of who gets what, when and how they get it
  • Plan for charitable giving
  • Designate someone to take care of your daily finances if you ever become incapacitated 
  • Specify who can access your private health care information during times when you cannot speak for yourself
  • Avoid probate court costs and reduce legal fees
  • Ensure homes are transferred to children without an increase in property taxes
  • Maintain the privacy of your assets
  • Obtain assistance from Medi-Cal to pay for nursing home care and still pass your home to your children or other beneficiaries
  • Provide for your loved ones with special needs without jeopardizing their ability to qualify for government programs/assistance
  • Protect your children in the case of future divorces after your passing
  • Minimize capital gains taxes for your beneficiaries
  • Eliminate court custody battles for guardianship of your children
  • Avoid a conservatorship
  • Protect your loved one's inheritance from lawsuits and bankruptcy

Probate services are also available because there are times when you must probate an estate (perhaps your loved one didn't plan at all). If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be taken care of after your loved one has died and need help determining if you must probate the estate, you can contact Attorney Shawna Murray for a free consultation.

  • A Will Does Not Avoid Probate

    A Will alone does not avoid probate because the probate court is required to oversee the transfer of property if you do not have a properly funded Trust. Some of the pitfalls of probate are discussed, including the possibility of multiple probates, and the actual cost of probate is detailed in this blog post.
  • Just Married? Then You Are Ready for Estate Planning.

    As newlyweds, I bet you have spent a lot of time planning a life together and consolidating homes, so this is an ideal time to plan for your future life together as a couple. Leaving things to chance eliminates so many options when it comes to estate planning and can result in unintended consequences if you or your spouse should die without a valid Will or Trust.
  • Two Documents to Keep Yourself out of Probate Court

    If you want to save some time and money plus you dread the idea of your mental health or financial information being discussed in open court, you need to know which two documents can save you from court interference in the event of your incapacity and after death.
  • Child Going Away To College?

    If your child is college bound, you have probably made several to-do lists to help prepare for the move but have you considered any estate planning? Your son or daughter is an adult now and there are 5 estate planning documents that experts recommend they have prepared.
  • 5 Reasons to Embrace the Emotional Side of Estate Planning

    Estate planning is more than just paperwork. Ultimately, you are demonstrating your love to those who will benefit from your planning. Here are several emotional reasons that you may not have thought about before. They can even help you strengthen family bonds if you embrace estate planning.

My Mission

My personal mission is to make estate planning as accessible, efficient and streamlined as possible so that individuals, families, and business owners are motivated to express their estate planning goals, and then families and business partners do not have to deal with the disastrous fallout from a lack of planning.

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