Estate Planning Questions

I am not wealthy. If I do not have a professional advisor, do I really need an estate plan? 

Nearly everyone needs an estate plan, from the college-aged to the elderly. Estate planning is about more than just designating who your assets are going to go to or saving on taxes. It also incorporates plans for the guardianship of your minor children and directions for your possible incapacity plus end-of-life instructions. 

Will you meet with my financial advisor or other professional advisor?

I will be very happy to meet with your professional advisor(s) before or after our initial meeting. 

If I am young, unmarried, and have no children, why should I bother to make an estate plan?

Even a young single person without children will benefit from basic estate planning. The biggest benefit to a single person is the opportunity for Incapacity Planning. If you become severely injured and cannot speak for yourself, your friends or family will greatly benefit from your planning because you will have designated someone to speak for you. Otherwise, your loved ones will have to stand by while the hospital and other healthcare providers make decisions for you based on state laws and hospital policy. Today's privacy laws, such as HIPPA, will also make it very difficult for your loved ones to get much information concerning your condition from the medical staff. In addition, if you have planned, you can designate who gets what from your property should you pass away. If you have a certain person in mind to give that special Star Wars collection to, the only way to be sure they'll get it is to have a plan.

My Mission

I am devoted to making estate planning as accessible, efficient and personalized as possible. This way individuals and families are motivated to express their estate planning goals and loved ones do not have to deal with the disastrous fallout from a lack of planning.

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