My Fees are Your Investment

How do you charge for your services?

I charge flat fees for estate planning services. After your initial consultation, I will have a better understanding of your personal situation and will be able to give you a price quote at that time. To give you an idea of my estate planning fees, here are the typical fees* for the following services: 

Family Trust

Documents prepared for a typical family (such as parents and their two children from the current marriage) include a Revocable Living Trust, two "pour-over" Wills, two Durable Powers of Attorney, two Advance Healthcare Directives, two Living Wills, two HIPPA releases, Guardianship designations, Real Estate Transfer Documents for one home, Asset Transfer Documents, and a Trustee's Affidavit. The costs for notarization and the recording fees are included. Your investment is $2,800.

Single Person Trust

Documents prepared for an individual (such as a single-parent) include a Revocable Living Trust, a "pour-over" Will, a Durable Powers of Attorney, an Advance Healthcare Directive, a Living Will, a HIPPA release, Guardianship designation, Real Estate Transfer Documents for one home, Asset Transfer Documents, and a Trustee's Affidavit. The costs for notarization and the recording fees are included. Your investment is $1,800.

"Stream-Lined Probate" Fees

Some estates can be transferred with short-cuts or what is called "stream-lined probate."  I charge flat fees for my services of providing you with legal advice and assistance in transferring your loved one's property into your name without the need for a court-supervised probate case. Below are some of my flat fees* for popular services. The fees do not include costs for probate referees, court filing costs, etc., as applicable.

  • Transfers of Small Estates with assets valued under $150,0000 (no real estate) - $800
  • Transfers of Small Estates with assets valued under $150,0000 (with real estate) - $4,000
  • Transfers of Real Property (real estate valued under $50,000) - $2,000
  • Transferring Joint Tenancy Property by Affidavit - $800
  • Transferring Community Property with Rights of Survivorship by Affidavit - $800
  • Spousal Property Court Orders - fee $4,000
  • Limited Representation and Unbundled Services - $250 per hour

How do you charge for Probate?

Estates with a value of $150,000 or more (regardless of mortgages and liens on the property), require a court-supervised probate. There are no upfront attorney fees. The attorney fees are paid when the probate case closes. The state of California caps ordinary attorney's fees by law (Probate Code Section 10810) and the maximum fee is what the majority of attorneys will charge. However, I am currently discounting my ordinary attorney's fees by up to 25%, subject to certain conditions.

The costs that are advanced (pre-paid) by an attorney for court filing fees, a bond, appraisal fees, realtor commissions, etc., are additional expenses that are paid for out of the estate proceeds. Another cost of probate are the fees paid to the personal representative, also known as the executor or administrator, but this person's fee is also paid for at the close of the case.


Do you accept credit cards?

For your convenience, I accept most credit cards.

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*I reserve the right to adjust my fees if the situation is going to require additional work outside of the typical case. In all cases, I strive to make my client's experience as time efficient and frustration free as possible.

My Mission

My personal mission is to make estate planning as accessible, efficient and streamlined as possible so that individuals, families, and business owners are motivated to express their estate planning goals, and then families and business partners do not have to deal with the disastrous fallout from a lack of planning.

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