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Aretha Franklin Died Without a Will or Trust. Now what?

Dying without an estate plan drains an estate of huge sums of money that could have gone to heirs. Indeed, a lack of planning costs the estate plenty. There are fees for probate and if the estate is valuable enough, it must pay large sums of estate taxes. Plus, the settling of an estate through probate is long and drawn out. Fortunately, you can enjoy substantial savings and shorten that time by having a revocable living trust-centered estate plan.

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Step-mom Gets Life Insurance Proceeds Meant for Sons

When was the last time you checked on the beneficiary designations on your life insurance policy? I have just read about a recent case in California where a father failed to change his life insurance beneficiary designations after his divorce. Now, after winning a court battle, his ex-wife will get the life insurance proceeds that he wanted sons to have.

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Why Having a "Will-Only" Estate Plan Is a Costly Mistake

Find out why only having a Will is going to cost your heirs and beneficiaries a sizeable chunk of their inheritance. Learn how attorney fees and executor commissions are calculated and what some of the other costs of probate are. Discover that a revocable living trust can save your heirs and beneficiaries money and allow them to get more of their inheritance faster.

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