Additional Information Regarding Trusts

How do I put my house in my Trust?

The process of putting your house into your trust is a part of funding your Trust. You will need a new deed prepared, changing the current names on the deed to the name of your trust. For example, if the deed to your home indicates that the home belongs to Dan and Anne Jones, husband and wife, then you will change that deed to read something like, Dan and Anne Jones, Trustees of the Jones Family Revocable Living Trust. Finally, your new deed will get recorded.

Can I refinance my house after I put it into a Trust?

Yes, you can refinance your property after you put it into a Revocable Living Trust. California escrow and title companies are familiar with revocable living trusts and understand how to deal with the refinance of a house that is inside of revocable living trusts. 

Can I revoke and/or revise my Trust?

A Revocable Living Trust can be changed or revoked while you are alive and well. You can revise it and/or revoke it as often as you would like during your lifetime just so long as you are not incapacitated – this is a safeguard against the wrongdoing of those who might seek to take advantage of your incapacity.

Does your office prepare different kinds of Trusts?

There are many different Trusts with numerous benefits in various situations. After we discuss your unique needs and desires, additional Trusts may be suggested for your consideration. For example, you might want the benefits of a Qualified Terminable Interest Property trust, because it provides protection for your heirs that the typical revocable trust does not include.

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