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Estate planning

Estate Planning is the process of putting your personal and financial affairs in order. With a Will and a Revocable Living Trust, your Estate Plan will allow you leave a legacy, protect yourself & your loved ones, all while minimizing costs.

Preparing a plan for all of your assets in advance will prevent many headaches and reduce stress for your loved ones. Proper Estate Planning will keep your estate out of court and ease the mourning process for your family. 


Probate is a court-supervised process that oversees the distribution of a deceased person's assets. Probate is necessary when the decedent dies without a Will; or with only a Will; or with property that failed to get put into a Revocable Living Trust.

The court will appoint an executor or an administrator as the personal representative of the estate. I will act as counsel to the court-appointed representative.

incapacity planning

Incapacity Planning is a safety net in case you have a sudden illness or become incapacitated. Incapacity Planning helps your loved ones help you when you are not able to take care of things yourself.

Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives give your consent to permit a trusted person to manage your daily affairs and to manage your health. These powers can take effect immediately or after you are incapacitated.

guardianship Planning

If you are a parent of a minor child, your Guardianship Planning is probably the most important element of your estate plan. All parents want to ensure that their children are cared for by someone who loves them, will nurture them, and help raise them according to your values. Planning for Guardianship is part of estate planning.

In California, a court proceeding is required to make the guardianship formal even when there is an Estate Plan. I represent proposed guardians.

special needs trusts

Special Needs Trusts are designed to supplement and enrich the lives of people with disabilities who receive government aid and health care coverage.  It is designed to improve the beneficiary's quality of life without disqualifying him/her from the government programs.

Trust administration

Trust Administration services are available to help a surviving spouse or successor trustee take care of the post-death administration of a Trust and make the distributions as streamlined and effortless as possible. It is the processing of winding up the affairs of the decedent.

Services include legal advice and assistance with gathering the assets, satisfying creditors, filing appropriate tax returns, and then distributing the remaining assets.