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Shawna Murray Law

A law firm devoted to assisting individuals and families achieve peace of mind by creating and implementing customized estate plans, as well as offering legal representation for probate matters and for trust administration. 


Shawna Murray Law offers Estate Planning services to protect you and your loved ones, including:
  • Preparation of Wills and Trusts to control of who gets what, when and how they get it
  • Protect your surviving spouse and your children's inheritance
  • Designate guardians for children
  • Provide instructions for your medical care during a time of incapacity and at the end of life 
  • Designate someone to take care of your daily finances if you ever become incapacitated 
  • Avoid probate court costs and reduce legal fees
  • Provide for your loved ones with special needs without jeopardizing their ability to qualify for government programs/assistance
  • Plan for charitable giving
  • Protect your children's inheritance in the case of future divorces after your passing
  • Specify who can access your private health care information during times when you cannot speak for yourself
  • Ensure homes are transferred to children without an increase in property taxes
  • Maintain the privacy of your assets
  • Obtain assistance from Medi-Cal to pay for nursing home care and still pass your home to your children or other beneficiaries
  • Minimize capital gains taxes for your beneficiaries
  • Eliminate court custody battles for guardianship of your children
  • Avoid a conservatorship
  • Protect your loved one's inheritance from lawsuits and bankruptcy
  • Advising the successor trustee with trust administration 
Probate services are also offered. 

    Find out why only having a Will is going to cost your heirs and beneficiaries a sizeable chunk of their inheritance. Learn how attorney fees and executor commissions are calculated and what some of the other costs of probate are. Discover that a revocable living trust can save your heirs and beneficiaries money and allow them to get more of their inheritance faster.
  • 3 Terrible Ideas for Leaving an Inheritance

    Here are just three terrible "shortcuts" to leaving your adult children an inheritance. Picking one of these “simple fixes” instead of developing an estate plan can cause bickering at best or at worst, or cause your children to start an all-out war against each other.
  • Property Taxes & Reassessment in California  

    Since it has been 40 years since Prop. 13 was passed, many Californian homeowners are not familiar with it. This blog entry will provide you with some background on Prop. 13 plus explain some ways you can avoid having the value of your home reassessed (and prevent the likely increase in property taxes) when you have a change of ownership on your home.
  • Low-Cost Online Will-Maker Is Less of a Value Than You Might Think

    Robo-Will Makers and other website sites offering low-cost alternatives provide "one size fits all" solutions that can end up costing your heirs more than you would pay for making an estate plan with an attorney.
  • Who is going to take care of my kids?

    In California, there are two types of guardians – a guardian of the person and a guardian of the estate. Guardians of the person are appointed to take care of a child whose parents can no longer do so. A guardian of the person (or as I like to refer to t...

My Mission

It is my mission is to make estate planning as accessible, efficient and streamlined as possible so that individuals, families, and business owners are motivated to express their estate planning goals, and then families and business partners do not have to deal with the disastrous fallout from a lack of planning.

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