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Shawna Murray Law

A law firm devoted to assisting individuals and families achieve peace of mind by creating and implementing customized estate plans, as well as offering legal representation for probate matters and for trust administration. 


Shawna Murray Law offers Estate Planning services to protect you and your loved ones, including:
  • Preparation of Wills and Trusts to control of who gets what, when and how they get it
  • Protect your surviving spouse and your children's inheritance
  • Designate guardians for children
  • Provide instructions for your medical care during a time of incapacity and at the end of life 
  • Designate someone to take care of your daily finances if you ever become incapacitated 
  • Avoid probate court costs and reduce legal fees
  • Provide for your loved ones with special needs without jeopardizing their ability to qualify for government programs/assistance
  • Plan for charitable giving
  • Protect your children's inheritance in the case of future divorces after your passing
  • Specify who can access your private health care information during times when you cannot speak for yourself
  • Ensure homes are transferred to children without an increase in property taxes
  • Maintain the privacy of your assets
  • Obtain assistance from Medi-Cal to pay for nursing home care and still pass your home to your children or other beneficiaries
  • Minimize capital gains taxes for your beneficiaries
  • Eliminate court custody battles for guardianship of your children
  • Avoid a conservatorship
  • Protect your loved one's inheritance from lawsuits and bankruptcy
  • Advising the successor trustee with trust administration 

Probate Representation 

Trust Administration Counsel

  • Aretha Franklin Died Without a Will or Trust. Now what?

    Dying without an estate plan drains an estate of huge sums of money that could have gone to heirs. Indeed, a lack of planning costs the estate plenty. There are fees for probate and if the estate is valuable enough, it must pay large sums of estate taxes. Plus, the settling of an estate through probate is long and drawn out. Fortunately, you can enjoy substantial savings and shorten that time by having a revocable living trust-centered estate plan.
  • Adult Protective Services is Here to Help

    Adult Protective Services is a great community service for elders. It is a county department dedicated to the safety and well-being of our elders. Financial elder abuse, in particular, is rampant in California. In this blog post, I share some information about Adult Protective Services so that we can educate ourselves and our elders and hopefully decrease the number of victims.
  • Step-mom Gets Life Insurance Proceeds Meant for Sons

    When was the last time you checked on the beneficiary designations on your life insurance policy? I have just read about a recent case in California where a father failed to change his life insurance beneficiary designations after his divorce. Now, after winning a court battle, his ex-wife will get the life insurance proceeds that he wanted sons to have.
  • How to Pick Your Trustee, Executor and Agent

    In estate planning, the trustee, executor, and agent with power of attorney are all fiduciaries. Any of these jobs can be said to be very important and require the chose person to be trustworthy above all else. This article will explain what a fiduciary is and describe the responsibilities of each of these designations.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a QTIP Trust

    The QTIP Trust was formerly a very useful tax planning tool. Now that estate taxes are not an issue for the vast majority of Americans, you should understand the other benefits of a QTIP Trust because they can provide significant protection for your heirs.

My Mission

I am devoted to making estate planning as accessible, efficient and personalized as possible. This way individuals and families are motivated to express their estate planning goals and loved ones do not have to deal with the disastrous fallout from a lack of planning.

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